The history

The village in the village,
a unique holiday full of history and culture

The Residence is the result of the transformation of an ancient 16th century Renaissance building, used as a residential dwelling and partly as a shelter for small farm equipment. The last family that lived there for three generations, enriched it with votive elements of great ornament.

About fifteen years ago
we started a very
demanding and accurate
restoration, of the highest
quality, to retrieve and
preserve all the original
structural and decorative
elements of the building.


Today, Borgo Alba Chiara is a historic residence that offers special holidays, in an authentic context rich in art, tradition and culture.


You will find restored structural elements that characterize the Residence as the brick and stone vaults, the coffered ceilings with frescoes, elements of poor art, the original stone balconies, the gray granite court staircase, the stone walls and the terracotta floors.

To enrich both the structure and the apartments of the Residence you will find votive elements, in the courtyard and in some apartments, extraordinary like the santella on the fifth of the garden, the various decorative niches, the bas-reliefs and all the original objects that we recovered during the restoration.

Borgo AlbaChiara